Prizes and Rules
  • First Prize: Free mount from Black Creek Taxidermy. (this is not a cash prize)
  • Second Prize: $100.00
  • Third-Tenth: $25.00 and a free pizza from Buckeye Deli.

Rules: Any Buck judged for this contest must be first checked in at the Buckeye Deli. Bucks will be judged during the weeks of gun season and muzzleloader season. Bucks taken before or after those two weeks can be judged by appointment only. (Call Steve Miller at 330-263-1393)

Contest ends last day of Bow season 2012. Winners will be announced on the Website and at the Buckeye Deli. Prize money will be paid one month after the close of deer season. If you do not receive your prize, please call Steve Miller @ 330-465-3831

Scoring: Bucks will be scored based on rack width plus the number of tines over an inch. The tie breaker will be beam circumference at the base. All measurements will be to the closest 1/8 inch.